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2024 retreats & events

Join us to grow, heal and build community amongst eachother!

Escape and join us for a full moon retreat, focusing on holistic and creative ways to achieve freedom from negative energy and release yourself from everything that is preventing you to elevate and heal. 
During this retreat you will experience Meditation, Reiki and Butterfly Release by the falls, sound healing, energy healing, peace and silent time. You will NOT leave the same.
For more information call 1-888-285-2161.


Are you ready to elevate your advocacy skills and increase Victim engagement? Join us and learn Bold & Creative strategies and tools. As well as learn how to avoid burnout. Are you ready to elevate? Our trainers are all experts in their field, and will create a learning environment that will focus on building you as a Victim Advocate to be the best you can be for Survivors. This training will provide 16 CEUs.


Past Retreats & events

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