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Cultivating Healing

Teaira Hopkins, Owner of Rooted Vibrationz is located in Columbia, SC. Originally from Orlando, FL. I am Married with an 8 year old son. I was born into a very spiritually gifted family and began diving deeper into my Spiritual journey in 2018. Growing up in a military household I was able to expand in diversity and experience different cultures and walks of life. I use life experiences, God, my ancestors, and spirit guides to lead the way for healing and self awareness. Although my ancestry goes back further back than Slavery times, I practice Hoo Doo or Root work, which was passed down to me in my bloodline and practiced years before I stemming from slavery days when we had to conjure and protect to survive, provide and protect our families. I am a light worker, That will return to sender. I specialize in energy healing, shadow work, herbalism, candle magik, mindful meditation, crystal energy and so much more. Not only do I Cultivate the healing of women I also service Men and children because breaking Generational curses and cycles is the responsibility of us all “let’s get rooted in this thing,” together. Book a Consultation to get on the road to healing

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