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Irish moss powder

Irish moss powder


30 day supply powder vegan capsules.

Irish moss, or sea moss, is a species of red algae that thrives in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Chondrus crispus has been used around the world in a variety of applications, from culinary recipes and beauty formulations. This red seaweed naturally contains carrageenan, a substance widely used for its thickening and stabilizing properties. Our organic Irish moss powder can be encapsulated, added to smoothies, or used in seaweed-based broths and soups.




DIRECTIONS: Take 1-2 capsules a day; Drink Plenty water, increase fruits and veggie intake



VERY IMPORTANT: It is recommended to drink 16 fluid oz of water a day as well as cut back on heavy meats, processed meats and foods, and alcohol.


*Not frecommened for pregnant or nursing women, please consult with your Doctor . By purchasing you agree Teaira and Rooted Vibrationz is not responsible for Possible medical reactions or allergies. Discontinue immediately if you experience any adverse reactions

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