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Peace + Renewal Candle

Peace + Renewal Candle


White Candles Represent Purity, Peace, Balance, Harmony, divine spirits and renewal.

This Candle Is charged to Bring Love, Balance, Peace and Harmony into your home.It calms chaos and purifies the Energy in your home.

You can also use this candle to help a Loved one transition after Death or Bring a New Child into the world.

Purchase with a Black Protection candle to Remove Negative Energy.

Blue candles are Great for keeping and multiplying Abundance, Peace, Calm and Renewal up in you and your home. This candle also represents Laughter and expansion.

Want to keep business thriving? This candle Brings upon continuous Growth.

When things are going well and you want to keep them well and expand on the vibrant positive energy currently flowing this is a great candle for you.

*This Candle is specifically Charged for each individual*Once Purchased add Your Full Name and DOB to the notes section.

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