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Loose Herbs + Roots

Loose Herbs + Roots


These herbs are used for Magickal and medicinal use.

Herbs will come in 3x5 bag

These herbs can be used in your Tea blends and included in your Magickal workings with Candles, Spiritual baths, Jars and much more.


Chamomile- Money/luck drawing, Calming tea etcRose Petals- Purity and wholeness, Reduce Stress, and aids in calming the mind

Lavender- Health, Peace, Love and Sleep aid in TeaMullein- Aids in lung strength, against nightmares

Mugwort- Lucid dreaming, protection and aids in Increase spiritual awareness

Passionflower- Aids in Relief from depression in a tea or added to smoke blendhi aids in peace and friendship.

Red Raspberry Leaf- Aids in menstrual cramps, good for the end of pregnancy and help ease labor, good for protection and love magickal work.

Blue lotus- (Aphrodisiac) Aids in focus, calming and lifts depression, aids in erectile dysfunction

Butterfly pea flower-reduces anxiety, Anti-inflammatory, regulates( Lowers) Blood pressure, mood enhancer

Damiana-Aphrodisiacs, Increases libido, Increase sensitivity and heart rate and blood flow. Aids in Love work, heats up relationships





Discontinue immediately if you experience any adverse reactions Disclaimer: This Statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease nor to replace the services of a qualified practitioner. When you are buying my herbal products, you are agreeing to be fully responsible for your purchase.

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