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Jewel Solar plexus oil kit

Jewel Solar plexus oil kit

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2oz Jewel oil, 1 Meditation herbal blend, 1 palo santos stick

The Solar Plexus is associated with personal power, confidence, creativity and self-worth.

Use Jewel on your pressure points to enhance meditation and deep breathing exercises.

Jewel is charged with Tigers Eye, Citrine, Creativity, love, balance and healing energy.

Use it to dress candles, or wear daily.

Daily affirmations when using this oil

"I Am Confident"

"I am creative &inspired"

"I stand in my power"

"I appreciate my strengths"

"I direct my own life"

"I am authentic"

Meditation Herbal Blend, aids in intuitive healing, meditation and balance of the Solar plexus chakra; Chamomile, Blue lotus, Rosemary, etc

1 Palo santo stick-Brings in positive, child like,creative energy

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